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>> larry: tonight, jimmy fallon. the late-night laugh man is turning prime time emmy host. he wants your help. we'll find out why. and then, his take on the new cast of "dancing with the stars." his old stomping ground "saturday night live," plus jay versus dave versus conan. what's it like to play beer pong with betty white? jimmy fallon, keeping it real, even when he imitates other people. he is next on "larry king live." >> larry: i love our openings. thank you, folks. good night. we are out of time. jimmy fallon is here. he's host of the double-award emmy winning "late night with jimmy fallon," hosting the 62nd annual prime time emmy awards this sunday night on nbc. >> not the 62nd annual prime time -- longer than 60 seconds. i don't want people thinking 60 seconds. >> larry: i meant -- >> longer than 60 seconds. people have been asking me about that. longer than a minute. >> larry: i have an emmy i won. >> hey. >> larry: yeah. so i thought it would be appropriate that we display this in your honor. >> that's a beautiful award. you have probably many awards. i got one rece
love our openings. thank you, folks. good night. we are out of time. jimmy fallon is here. he's host of the double-award emmy winning "late night with jimmy fallon," hosting the 62nd annual prime time emmy awards this sunday night on nbc. >> not the 62nd annual prime time -- longer than 60 seconds. i don't want people thinking 60 seconds. >> larry: i meant -- >> longer than 60 seconds. people have been asking me about that. longer than a minute. >> larry: i have an emmy i won. >> hey. >> larry: yeah. so i thought it would be appropriate that we display this in your honor. >> that's a beautiful award. you have probably many awards. i got one recently. i think they mail them to you. i haven't got mine fed-exed to me yet. >> larry: how did they ask you to host this? >> it's on nbc this year so i think they run down the nbc list. i was right under "the biggest loser" and then me. they said no. i said, yeah, absolutely. but i did the emmys last year. neil patrick harris did a great job. >> larry: you were a presenter? >> i was a presenter and did a bit a w an audio-tone mike and i was lik
:00 eastern 5:00 pacific the 62nd emmy awards hosted by jimmy fallon. in a couple of minutes, nbc's exclusive interview with president obama as brian williams has a sit-down with the president. this is the third shot by chung. looking closer and closer to a concession. >> i'll be amazed if that's not it. yep. >> and that is it. 4-2. peter uihlein's dream has come true. he's the 2010 u.s. amateur champion. very high level of golf played all week long by both of these finalists. let's send it down to roger maltbie. >> thank you, dan. peter congratulations. your emotions on the biggest golfing day of your life? >> yeah, i'm a little shocked, a little surprised and it's so surreal, and you know, david is a great player and great competitor but i just was fortunate enough today to come out on top. >> the putt at 14 really seemed to ice things in your direction. it was a putt you seemed like you had earlier today. >> yeah, really the exact same putt i had and down at 15, both identical putts and 14 i made sure to get it there this time and made it, so that helped. >> congratulations and enjoy with
and cons of that unusual circumstance. >> okay and by the way, who doesn't love jimmy fallon? jimmy fallon, we're going to be talking to him coming up in just a few moments this morning because the late night comedian is going to be hosting the emmys this weekend. and guess what he's been doing? asking people on twitter to submit introductions for his broadcast. so we're going to turn the tables on him maybe a little bit this morning because one of his fans wrote to us that the man with the plan is mr. jimmy fallon. so -- >> maybe he knows something we don't. >> maybe. be careful what you wish for, jimmy. anyway -- >> a lot of excited folks here on the plaza because of the newly crowned miss universe. miss mexico is here. you may not know. we're going to talk to her in just a few minutes, as well. >> hi. first, good morning, a check of the morning's top stories from natalie morales, in for me at the news desk. >> good morning, ann and carl. good morning, everyone. new flooding this morning in pakistan. a country already devastated by what the u.n. calls the worst humanitarian disaster in h
night's prime time emmy awards. jimmy fallon doing his best impersonation of the boss along with tina fey, jon hamm was in there, the cast of "glee." a pretty good way to start the show. and our two resident experts natalie morales and al roker still out at the nokia theatre where that show wrapped up not that long ago and pretty much on time which is a big deal for awards shows, al. >> it did. it did. the show moved awfully quickly. there was a lot of excitement. there was some laughter, tears, singing, dancing. that was just in natalie's dressing room. >> you kidder you. >> we'll have the whole wrapup in just a few minutes. >> i want to hear the rest of that story. >>> also, the night in fashion. there was none of that, i'm telling you. we had a good time on the red carpet. of course we have it all covered for you from here on the red carpet, the night in fashion. we have some of the best dressed in television's big night, the here we go again, al.sing >> we will check back in with you guys. from here we're going to have the question can you actually feed your brain? we're going to
in this category are funny and talented. >> it is honor a get nominated just like jimmy fallon did. >> stephen, i need -- >> that was awkward. he wasn't nominated but jimmy fallon's spin on the emmy stage may have stole the show last night. live in los angeles with the night's highlights with two experts. >>> but first, we're spicing up the daily trivia this week. secret service code name. first one, who did the secret service nickname angler? the answer and more coming up. [ female announcer ] stay once... stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at ♪ i can't hold her hand on the bus. ♪ or be there to show everyone how great she is. but what i can do is give her everything she needs to be excited for school, while staying in my budget. that's why i go to walmart. she has everything she needs. and then some. [ female announcer ] walmart has low prices on not just a few things, but everything on their back-to-school list. guaranteed. save money. live better. walmart. >>> bo
in the show, plenty of that too, jimmy fallon hosting. >> jimmy fallon did a great job. this was part of his opening act, of course everyone wanted to see, and there's betty white. >> the belle of the ball. >> i i don't. >> 88 years old, her career is blowing up now better than ever. just amazing. this is a funny opening. this is all from jimmy fallon. later in the show he did a special tribute to the shows that have gone off the air. there doing elton john, "24," "lost," "law and order." they broke up the show in different segments. comedy, drama, variety, he'd do a little guitar skit before each one. >> that was great. that was the old spice guy, making fun of that. it was all really funny stuff. teaming up with some "saturday night live" ensembles there. there's tina fey. this is really funny. they played off of "glee." this is part of the opening where they walked through, there you have bravo's -- >> tim gunn i think. randy jackson playing the guitar, dog. he's having a good time. the one surviving judge. it was pretty good. people sometimes tune in for all the fashion, who's wearing wh
that very much. alex wallace. >>> nbc is going prime time with jimmy fallon. instead of late night, he'll be there in prime time for the 62nd emmy awards, which he is hosting. we'll tell you who's expected to go home with the statues. listen up, people, volkswagen is at it again with their autobahn for all event. it ends soon. they got great prices. cars built for the autobahn. people are gonna be driving crazy in the jetta... ...the routan, and the cc. that cc is gorgeous. that jetta is awesome. my wife loves her new routan. and they all come with that carefree maintenance. scheduled maintenance included. we're not shopping for cars here, people. c'mon! well, i am now. that's kind of exciting. [ male announcer ] the autobahn for all event. lease the jetta limited edition for $199 a month or get 0% apr. ♪ stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at let's take a look at the stats. mini has more than double the fiber and whole grain... making him a great contender i
. >>> land last night the emmy's were hosted by jimmy fallon. they kicked it off with a tribute to the boss. madmen took home best dray ma. an upset came in comedy has modern family dethrowned 30 rock. >> i still love the amassing race. that's my top one. >> we love that. >> we want to be on it. >> i think we'd make a good team, bern. >> we would. thinks -- thanks for watching. i'm jessica kartalija. >> don scott. >> for marty bass and bernadette woods, we'll see you back here at 4, 5 and 6. ,,,,,,,,,, some people say i'm obsessed with my chickens. but i like to think i'm just going beyond the call of duty. cock-a-doodle-dooooo! i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ they're fed a nutritious diet including corn, soybeans and marigolds. and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections. extraordinary chicken. what? they're more comfortable.
awards presenter jimmy fallon did one heck of a job. jimmy fallon kicked off the show with a takeoff on the freshman comedy "glee" with the help of his cast in an unusual mix of tv stars. ♪ we were born to run tonight's winners included several repeats. >> i can sell ideas. >> an ad agency won best drama, "mad men." doing a show in the early to mid '60s it seems to really reflect what's going on today. >> people behave badly and make poor decisions often and that's timeless. >> another three-peat, brian cranston as best dramatic actor for his role as a drug dealing teacher in amc's "breaking bad." >> during the time it took me to walk up here i'm venturing there were 200 text messages to my fellow nominees saying you were robbed. >> edie falcon won best actress in a comedy as the pill popping nurse jackie. >> oh, this is just the most ridiculous thing that has ever, ever happened. i'm not funny. >> 18 minutes, guys. >> there were plenty of first timers. in the upset, bravo's "top chef" served up its first emmy for reality show. >> it's about time a cooking show finally won. >> i kn
? >> larry: jimmy fallon is going to be here tomorrow night. maybe we'll talk him into, is there still time to influence -- >> yeah, i'm sure price waterhouse will love that. >> larry: let's get into politics. were you always political? >> i think growing up in, like, the washington, d.c./maryland area. because we moved there. my father was in the military. i think, you know, i was just so exposed to it, it's just what's around. so i was involved and interested. and then as i got older, i just found it all fascinating. and, and such a -- full of hypocrisy. that's the best comedy to me. is when you're pointing fingers at, you know, at society and at our system so -- >> larry: speaking of hypocrisy, let's go right to it. ken mehlman, the former chairman of the republican -- >> he's family. i didn't know. >> larry: he's one of you. >> he's one of me. >> larry: he came out of the closet. he came out against prop 8. what do you make of that? you mention hypocrisy. >> right, that's the whole thing with politics. here's this guy. now, he said it's taken him, like, 43 years to be comfortable with,
relief work that earned george clooney the bob hope humanitarian award. and host, jimmie fallon filled the evening with laughter and music. everyone joining the glee club to open up the show. >> the pacific won the most emmy's, and top chef put an end to the seven-year winning streak of the amazing race in the reality competition category. in los angeles, don, abc news. >>> well it is time. time i tell you to finally stop speculating about who will be on "dancing with the stars." tonight, one of those shows, abc will announce all the contestants. so far, sarah palin's 19-year- old daughter, bristol palin has been cast. she could be dancing alongside david hasselhoff, adriana paratrig from the hills. people i do not know except for david hasselhoff and former arizona cardinal, kurt warner. who will be on there? it's all in the middle of the bachelor pad sometime tonight. if you aren't already, you know somebody who is squeamish about the sight of a needle. the breakthrough technology on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. >>> now, abc2 news at 6:00. >> a gruesome discovery in a
is revealed. >>> for the emmys, the best tweet goes to jimmy fallon wants to get you involved. fallon will pick the best tweets and then incorps rate them into his on-air material. you have to tweet something about one of the presenters, and he could use it in his introduction to them. the emmys are of course sunday night at 8:00. >>> it is 6:25 right now. coming up for some, the unofficial end of summer. for others it's the best days of summer. >> that's right. i'm sherrie johnson. coming up, we'll talk to youngsters who already tested out some of those rides. without pre-rinsing inside. that's because finish quantum has three chamber technology that releases agents to breakdown food resid so they wash away. leaving nothing behind but the shine. !! añoy sl.h the diamond . >>> new video of those miners trapped in chile. the conditions they are living in and what they are singing about. >>> caught on tape berating a teen, now this city cop has been kicked off the force. how far the police union is willing to go to help him get his job back. >>> and the young ladies from girls hope
. >> "late night"'s jimmy fallon was still a teenager when carson went off the air 18 years ago. >> any television fans will immerse themselves. it's like having a museum in your house. >> what would carson make of all of this? maybe he would wonder what all the fuss is about. >> i remember the first night standing backstage and someone said, "ten years from now you won't even remember this night." we all laughed thinking, this is -- there is no way anybody's going to do this for ten years. >> he did it for longer than that, of course. now johnny's legacy is set to last a whole lot longer. that was well worth the wait. that's our broadcast for this wednesday evening. in for brian williams, i'm ann curry. for all of us here at nbc news, curry. for all of us here at nbc news, thank you and good night. -- captions by vitac -- >>> we have breaking news to begin with. this is video just taken moments ago of a suspect at the conclusion of a high speed chase turning himself in to police officers in the east bay community of baypoint and what an extraordinary scene this has been.
i want to thank my guests, tomorrow night, mickey rourke "jimmy fallon" happening right see you tomorrow. pp >>> this morning on "early today," wall street woes. stocks take a dive, while a new poll shows americans don't believe in the recovery. >>> behind the meltdown. the jetblue flight attendant who bailed out down an emergency chute speaks out. >>> and surprise surf. a california surfer gets an up-close view of two great white sharks. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello, and good morning. welcome to our viewers across the nation, including the pacific time zone. i'm lynn berry. >>> and today we begin with economic breakdown. a few months ago, the u.s. economy appeared to be on its way to recovery. now with the federal reserve and wall street having their doubts, according to a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll, american people are sharing those same suspicions. nbc news kristen dahlgren joins us live now from washington, d.c. with more. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, lynn. yeah, july now marks the eighth straight month
jimmy fallon happening right >>> this morning on "early today." super tuesday, voters in five states head to the polls to decide key primary races. >>> it's official, golf's superstar tiger woods' divorce is final ending nine months of turmoil. >>> freeway drama. police dash-cam capture an ohio >>> freeway drama. police dash-cam capture an ohio teen's car going airborne. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning to you. welcome to our viewers across the nation, including the pacific time zone. i'm veronica de la cruz. we begin with primary day. voters will head to the polls in several states today to cast their votes in hotly contested elections. old names on the ballot are shelling out big bucks trying to take the races and move on to the midterms. tracy potts joins us for the latest from washington, d.c. good morning, tracy. >> good morning. on the e. coli, polls are now starting to open. we'll see that later along the west coast. basically what we expect to see today is whether republican incumbents and party favorites will be able to hold ont
"jimmy fallon" happening right [ cheers and applause ] >>> this morning on "early today," facing the familiar. voters back established candidates in some key primary races. >>> government scramble. what might have prevented the salmonella scare that led to the massive egg recall. >>> and blood brothers. dna tests of nazi leader adolf hitler reveal a surprising dna tests of nazi leader adolf hitler reveal a surprising ancestry. captions paid for by nbc-universal televisio >>> hello, and good morning. welcome to our viewers across the nation, including the pacific time zone. i'm lynn berry. today we begin with the people speaking. votes have been counted from five states where americans weighed in yesterday on who will make it to midterm elections in november, and the senate primaries in florida and arizona captured attention nationwide. nbc's leanne gregg has more. >> reporter: john mccain one step closer to his fifth term in the u.s. senate after winning tuesday's primary. mccain spent more than $20 million to successfully fend off former congressman j.d. hayworth. >> i promise y
in hollywood. the emmy awards on nbc will honor the best in television. late night host jimmy fallon will emcee and e! entertainment host gives us a look. >> it is time to roll out the red carpet. on this carpet many celebrities will be walking, beautiful women, beautiful men, seacrest. >> we love that you are already making fun of sea crest. >> what emmy host wouldn't do is give us the dish on the opening number. >> i want people to be sur preezed. i want to get as many stars involved as a can. >> like maybe a kardashian? >> could happen. the invite is out. >> i can confirm kim will be at the emmies. she is not in the opening skit but she is in the audience and at one point she and jimmy have a bit. kate gosselin will be in the opening skit. >> we know it will be a george clooney tribute. >> it is a two-hour show, the first hour will be the george clooney tribute. >> the seating cards are set. i found my place right next to john hamm. next to stephen moyer will be anna paquin, who will present together. check out our own joel mchale positioned behind neal patrick harris. on to the after party.
a sigh of relief. judge piers morgan says he gives the emmy telecast an 8 and jimmy fallon and 8 1/2. that was what some stars had to say about tonight's emmy telecast. we'll start with julie benz of dexter. >> the bummers is no food or drinks. >> reporter: any conversation backstage when you went to the bar? >> a funny moment, they were serving yogurt with forks. >> i think "family guy" should have won best show. >> reporter: where were you when the nurse won? >> when edie won, i was in the bathroom. i came out of the bathroom and someone texted me. i missed her speech and i was kind of bummed. i said i feel like if i twhans bathroom, they would have won best comedy. >> reporter: happy it's over? >> yes. of course. now, it's the unstructured time. >> reporter: now you get to hear cin cindy laufer. he loves cindy laufer. they are spreading the party but the one behind me is one off the hottest. live this evening. nbc bay area news. >> all right, robert. how late does the party go on there? is this an all night thing going on tonight? >> reporter: i'm sorry. i don't think i can hear
to >>> the emmy awards honored television's biggest stars in los angeles. host jimmy fallon peppered the show with comedic skits including this parity of elton john. the first award went to "mod derp family." they had best supporting actor and writing awards as well. >> we are so grateful. we are so thrilled that families are sitting down together to watch a television show. >> bas drama went to "mad men," the third consecutive win. george clooney accepted the humanitarian award for his help with tsunami and terror attack victims. edie falcon won for best actress. brian cranston received his third nod in "breaking bad." jim parson won best actor for "the big bang theory" and" top chef" won for best reality show. and best variety or music and variety program went to "the daily show." >>> now they are selling 3d-tv's, but little is known about the affect on our brains. now researchers at uc berkeley are applying cutting edge technology in the drive to discover its impact. >> of a vaw -- of a vaw tar is -- "avatar" was best known for its three d jie. headaches are -- >> headaches are gone when t
. >> serious business. the emmys, most of us missed it. >> i watched the beginning, jimmy fallon. >> it was aces. it was good. >> he did a good job. he works in new york in the building and we see him around the building. he's a humble guy, did a great job. >> he was fantastic. >>> the next story from key west, florida, where one woman is teaching us the meaning of try, try again. a 61-year-old will make her second attempt to swim from cuba to key west. her first attempt was cut short when strong currents and high waves forced her out of the water. in her 41th hour. now the former record holding swimmer says although she's slower, she's mentally stronger and has high hopes to finish the 103 mile 60 hour test of endurance. bill, she's got one dream there that she wants to accomplish. it looks like she's going to do it. >> in that shot, she was not in any protective cage. >> she's not swimming in that cage. i think they may bring that in for dangerous parts of the water. >> there's a lot of sharks there. >> i'm thomas roberts, this is your first stop of the day today on your nbc st
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night. 62nd annual primetime emmys tonight right here on nbc 4. >> jimmy fallon will host brightest stars. mark barringer now with the preview. >> reporter: when it comes to this year's emmys we have new blood, blue blood. >> comedy will be a bloody battle ground this year. >> that's abuse "30 rock's" three-year run is facing a stern test. >> dplee had more than "30 rock" did with 15 and modern family was close behind with 14. >> glee's success could mean emmy for best actress. >> she is so undeniably talented it's impossible not to vote for her if you're a glee fan. plus, emmy day is her birthday. >> best actor in a comedy could swing from alec baldwin to steve carell. >> he never won a single emmy despite being nominated and he's leaving the office at the end of this season. >> final season of lost makes its a dark horse choices to vote out mad men. >> it's hard to compete with cable dramas. >> glenn close and bryan cranston the last two years. but dos santos senses a coback. >> mine is on the two sentimental emotional favorites. kyle chandler got his first no, ma'am nation and ma
will have to sharpen their message to appeal to the swing voters. >> certainly tight races. >>> and jimmy fallon hosted television's golden night. al roker nearly pulling an all nighter. all next. ♪ [ male announcer ] he's sweet, even with 1/3 less sugar than soda. kool-aid delivering more smiles per gallon. >>> back live on msnbc, you are looking at the latest satellite imagery. this is now a major category 3 storm in the atlantic. rater today, forecasters are saying that the center of earl will pass over the virgin islands. the sustained winds are nearly 120 miles per hour. it is expected anywhere from the carolinas to new england. we will keep you posted as we learn more about that. >>> we are expecting the president to update us on the state of the american economy. he is is to speak in the rose garden right after he receives the daily economic briefing. this all comes when the president will speak to the nation about the latest on the war in iraq. we begin with the hottest top nick america which is the economy. >> what the president has to do is try to explain where we are in the e
gone interactive with viewers tweeting lines for host jimmy fallon. i have only tweeted twice, so i have six more to go. here's a preview. >> reporter: the prime time emmy awards, one of tv's oldest honors, but with almost half of this year's contenders for major awards first-time nominees, tonight's show is all about the new kids. ♪ i see your true colors >> reporter: fan favored "gl lee" hit all the right notes this season racking up 19 nominations. it could be that it dances away. >> it bridges music and song and comedy and real life together. >> reporter: the favorite for best supporting comedy actress break-out star jane lynch for her portrayal of the cold-harded cheerleading coach sue sylvester. >> got myself a bit of an eye lift, and while they were in there i said go ahead and yank out those tear ducts. i wouldn't use them. >> everything she's handed she delivers with such a punch. >> reporter: while "glee" is hoping for a knock-out, their comedy competition isn't going down without a fight. "modern family" is up for 14 awards, including best comedy. >> oh, thanks, buddy.
will be held and aired right here on nbc with host jimmy fallon. marc barger has a preview. >> jimmy fallon says he's going to keep it moving and keep it fun to host the emmys sunday night. >> because by the end of the night, 85% of the crowd are losers. >> but when it comes to the nonlosers, other than known as winners, we could see fresh faces. >> "ed good life," "glee," "modern family," all nominated in there, along with emmy veterans like "30 rock" and "mad men." >> those two shows are ratings champs, but "30 rock" faces a challenge as best comedy. the high school musicee "glee" grabbed more nominations than "30 rock," and "modern family" had almost as many. >> my hverage is both "glee" and modern family with the are going to get so many votes that one of them will be able to win. >> he also expects engine lynch and ty burrell to score acting wins in the supporting categories, but the lead honoring could go to tina fey and alec bald wynn. "mad men's" favorite to make it three straight wins as best drama, but a new show could be the spoiler. >> it might be "the good wife" is the one that
this sunday night. jimmy fallon hosts the 62nd annual primetime emmy awards right here on nbc 4. nbc has a preview of the veteran contenders and surprise newcomers. >> reporter: jimmy fallon says he'll keep it moving and keep it fun. as host of the emmys sunday night. >> by the end of the night 85% of the crowd are losers. >> reporter: when it comes to the nonlosers otherwise known as the winners, we could see some fresh faces. >> good wives, glee, modern family, true blood, all nominated with veterans like 30 rock and mad men. >> reporter: those two shows are reining series champs but little rock faces a serious challenge to the three-year run as best comedy. the high school musical glee grabbed as many. >> my hunch is both glee and modern family will get so many votes that one will be able to win. >> they need to be terrified. >> reporter: he also expects acting wins in the supporting categories but the lead comedy honors could go to "30 rock" to tina fey and alec baldwin. >> did we vote or something? >> "mad men" is favored to make it three straight wins as best drama but a new show c
asked maria munoz and jimmy fallon playing the leader of a glee club joined by some of the series stars and contributors like tina fey and jon hamm performing "born to run." >> it was a great show. jimmy fallon did an excellent job hoersing. the opening number completely set the tone for the show, and it was just a great ride. it was so much fun. >>> fashion is always a big subject. the day after the emmy awards, this year "mad men" star january jones is getting a lot of buzz. >> and her co-star christina hendricks definitely took fashion risks and i appreciate january for always taking fashion risks because it's so much better than being boring and safe. but she did get a little bit of flak for this gown. it was a blue versace gown that was shortener the front, longer in the back. i loved her hair and makeup. i thought she looked beautiful. but the dress is like, you know, some people are okay with it and some people really dp like it. >> and a little information on the emmys from maria. she added al pacino's limo driver got lost and that actor almost missed the show last night. >>> le
is wanda psysykes. she's terrific. the emmys are on this sunday night. jimmy fallon will be here tomorrow. he's going to host it. she's talked about president obama. what does she think about sarah palin? catching up over wood-grilled shrimp and chicken. and with lunches starting at just $6.99... it's an hour you wouldn't trade for anything. in this. one day, i'll park this in a spot reserved for me. it's got 26,000 miles on it now, but i'm gonna take it to a thousand million. [ male announcer ] when you own a certified pre-owned mercedes-benz, chances are they'll own it one day, too. which is why it undergoes such a rigorous inspection to meet our uncompromising standards. one day, i'm gonna drive this to vegas. [ male announcer ] hurry in to your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for 1.99% financing during our certified pre-owned sales event through august 31st. >>> you think the black man is the valet? >> no, i don't automatically. >> i saw it, larry. >> yeah, he had on a white shirt and a vest. it's an honest mistake. >> that's honest, anytime i see a black man in a tie and a suit, i th
. because you can see why he is the king of late night. >> late night's jimmy fallon was still a teenager when carson went off the air 18 years ago. >> any television fans will immerse themselves. it's like having a museum in your house. >> what would carson make of this? maybe he would wonder what all the fuss is about. >> i remember standing backstage and someone said, ten years from now you will never remember this. >> now his legacy is set to last a whole lot longer. that was well worth the wait. that's our broadcast for this wednesday evening. in for brian williams, i'm ann curry. for all of us here at nbc news, curry. for all of us here at nbc news, thank you and good night. -- captions by vitac --
moments. this year host jimmy fallon kept it moving, kicking things off by channelling the boss. ♪ when it came to handing out statues, it was a mad world. breaking bad did good. >> fan favorite jay lynch of glee won. and for the first time a cooking show won for best reality competition show. now the healh just got more powerful. introducing precise from the makers of tylenol. precise pain relieving cream works quickly to activate sensory receptors. it helps block pain signals fast for relief you can feel precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol. precise. host: could switching to geico did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell! piggy: yeah? mom: you're home. piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. >>> here is a look at the top stories. hurricane earl is picking up steam and could be on the path to hit the east coast by labor day. >>> michael enwright allegedly asked the driver if he was muslim before attacking him. >>>
evenly this year. >> hey, come join our glee club. >> me, really? >> jimmy fallon bringing the funny. it seemed like modern family might sweep the show winning the first two in a row but then the awards started being distributed more evenly like jane lynch winning for outstanding supporting actress if a comedy series for her role as sue sylvester in agree. >> i want to say to the cast, i love you. you're wonderful and fresh faced and when i'm not seething with jealousy, i'm so proud of you. >> edie falco won for her role in nurse jackie. >> during the time it took me to walk up here, i'm venturing there were 200 text messages to my fellow nominees saying, you were robbed. >> reporter: shf another big wins, modern family won outstanding comedy series. mad benefit men wouldn't outstanding drama and the daily show took home the emmy for crowd yowt standing, variety or dramatic series. overall. hbo was the biggest winner, bringing in six awards. fox took home two. >>> 9-11 first responder new york city honoring first responders in virginia. coming up next, the special gift that will now
and early today. she's joining us now from los angeles. how did jimmy fallon do, there was a lot of question of whether or not he would come to bat and strike a home run? >> i thought he did a great job. it was very demolishius personally for me. everybody was hoping for a shakeup this year. the past few years of the emmys have looked really similar with the same nominations winning. with the exception of "mad men" winning, there were some new people in the runnings. for example, "modern family" won best comedy series and the other wins that people are talking about this morning, jane lynch getting best supporting actor for a comedy series. edi se 23 alco winning best actor in a comedy series and kyra sedgwick winning for her performance in "the closer." let's take a look at the highlights from the show. >> nbc asking the host of late night to come to los angeles to host a different show. what could possibly go wrong? i would not be here without my parents. i'm the product of supportive parents. and i love you, mom, i love you, dad. you're watching at home right now. this is going home wit
laura and my little girl hay it will den. >> reporter: emmy host jimmy fallon kept the audience entertained with a variety of musical numbers. and he made a sly allusion to conan o'brien's firing as host of the tonight show. >> nbc asking the host of late night to come to los angeles to host a different show. what can possibly go wrong? presenter ricky gervaise made a crack about an absent star. >> mel gibson. come on. i'm not going to go after him. he's been through a lot. not as much as the jews. >> reporter: the late summer party set the stage for the new fall season which begins in just a few weeks. brooke anderson, cnn, hollywood. >> there you go. did you stay up? >> no -- yeah, well i did stay up but not to watch the emmy awards. betty white looks good. >>> the a troop surge is under way in afghanistan. cnn is there with a soldier's story. jason carroll tracked sergeant randy shorter. he's a father of two. he's on his third tour of duty now. we follow him from ft. campbell, kentucky to one of the most dangerous regions in the world -- afghanistan's patika province. 26 minu
's biggest stars last night in los angeles. >> jimmy fallon peppered the show with sketches like this parody of elton john. the award went to modern family. best supporting actor and writing. >> we are so grateful, we are so thrilled that families are sitting down together to watch a television show. >> for the third consecutive year best drama went to madmen. george clooney accepted the bob hope humanitarian award for terror attack victims. best actress for nurse jackie. and brian cranston got his third consecutive emmy for breaking bad. jim pearson in a comedy for the big bang theory. best variety, music or comedy series went to the daily show. >> don't you wish our schedules allowed us to watch some of these shows. >> wouldn't that be nice. watching tv, hmm. >> just ahead at 5:00, a mysterious death. san francisco police try to determine why a woman fell to her death from a burning san francisco apartment. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland. i will have the latest on the police officer shot here at oakland on friday. also when we might see the suspect in this case who was
"mad men" and bryan cranston. >> it is the role of a lifetime for me. >> reporter: jimmy fallon kicked offer with a fantastic number that showed everyone "glee's" fun. who surprise who the belle of the ball was, 88-year-old betty white. >> look alive, we need "glee" club members? >> great, working on sweet new moves with the new dance coach. >> come on, give a hippety hop. back that up. >> she said back that up, back that up. all right, chris, thank you very much. we'll show you more of the opening coming up. >>> the woman with the battle with the billionaire. she helped her children sue. she lost. now i'm claritin clear. claritin works hard to relieve my worst symptoms without drowsiness... i stay as alert and focused as someone without allergies. for me, claritin is the perfect allergy medicine. i only live claritin clear ♪ [ female announcer ] we've got stains, down to a science. new sk with our breakthrough stain spectrum technology tackles a full range of stains on a molecular level for a more powerful clean fight stains with science. >>> good morning. 7:26. west towson el
established, stalking. it's my thing. >>> the jetblue flight attendant thing. jimmy fallon wrote the ballot of steven slater. ♪ he took two beers and jumped ♪ ♪ he took two beers and jumped ♪ ♪ so when your boss is riding your as you got to get two beers and jump ♪ ♪ when you're truck ain't got no gas ♪ ♪ you've got to get two beers and jump ♪ ♪ you eat go to get two beers and jump ♪ ♪ you got to get two beers and jump ♪ >> are you allowed to say that on cable daytime tv. it's okay my producer just tells me because we just did. here's jimmy kimmel's tape. >> if we all had escape slides at our jobs, i bet 80% of us would quit like that. >> thank you. coming up, another story we love. mayor levi. who knew levi johnston would be following so closely in sarah palin's footsteps. wait till you hear what the current mayor of wasilla thinks about this one. i'll be talking to him ahead. plus, the white house spokesman blasting the president's liberal critics, and now he's facing their wrath. ith her. ♪ i can't hold her hand on the bus. ♪ or be there to show everyone h
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